SABO at Northeastern University

The Student Activities Business Office asked me to create a digital version of their payment voucher – of which they processed dozens per week by hand using paper forms. I was able to create a single online form, using conditional formatting that simplified the process and condensed three forms into one. The results are saved … Read more

Northeastern University Residential Housing Map

To help students understand their housing options during open enrollment, the Housing department asked me to create an interactive map of residential on-campus housing that allowed students to click on any unit, view its basic info, and then proceed to its blueprints. I created an interactive SVG file to serve as the map on their … Read more

EECP at Northeastern University

The External Events and Conference Programs site was a WordPress multisite I designed and developed and built out to replace an obsolete site built atop an obsolete CMS. The director of EECP asked that I build something colorful and bold that would present their information in a clean, clear manner. When meeting with someone months … Read more

Petros Pizzeria and Grill

This is a whimsical static HTML site that I designed and built for a friend’s pizza shoppe. I made extensive use of SVG icons, bold colors and quality food photography to create a fun app-like user experience. I am currently rebuilding the site using Gatsby. Stay tuned! Petros Pizzeria and Grille

MIT Libraries

The MIT Libraries WordPress multisite was a massive project I worked on for 1.5 years. Not only did I build out several new sites, I completely rebuilt and refactored the underlying theme in use. When I started on the site/theme, only some of the pages were fully responsive, but by the time the project ended, … Read more